Liberty, SC is a thriving city, centrally located in Pickens County. Throughout the Liberty, SC area, neighbors become friends and traditional small-town life, rural surroundings and growth attract an increasing number of residents and visitors every year.

Liberty SC Demographics

According to U.S. Census Bureau estimates, the 2016 population of Liberty, SC was 3,254. The population consists of about 54% women and 46% men.

Age: The median age of the City of Liberty population was estimated to be 43 years old, by the same survey.

Housing units in the city were estimated to be 1,624 in 2016.


Liberty SC: A brief history

No one knows for sure how Liberty, SC got its name, but the most reliable accounts trace it to a settlement that was called Liberty Springs by the year 1800.

A nearby area called Salubrity Springs is sometimes considered as the origin of Liberty,

Rev. Allen Fuller set up a post office in the area which operated from 1839 to 1876. That post office was called “Salubrity,” and some people have suggested that the name Liberty may have descended from that name.

According to a 1935 marker found on the Veteran’s Service Station:

Liberty was founded in 1775 by a group of patriots and was named for that principle for which they so bravely fought.

That information may have come from an account by Annie Craig in 1936, speaking of Liberty’s naming.

The most convenient and comprehensive record of Liberty is in a book titled, Liberty South Carolina, One Hundred Years 1876-1976, by Julia Jean Woodson (Author),‎ G. Anne Sheriff (Author),‎ Tom Flowers (Illustrator). This book is available at the Liberty branch of the Pickens County Library.

Pickens County Airport

The Pickens County Airport (LQK) serves the Greater Liberty, SC area. It’s located just a stone’s throw from Downtown and has the ability to service a large variety of general aviation aircraft. The Pickens Airport also hosts car rental services.

The airport is located at 240 Airport Rd, Liberty, SC 29657.

According to the 2018 South Carolina Airport Directory and Pilot’s Guide, the manager of the Pickens County Airport is Carlos Salinas whom you may contact at or 864-843-5803 with any questions.

Pickens County Airport

Also, according to the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission’s Statewide Aviation System Plan and Economic Impact Report, Pickens County Airport employs 61 people and creates $6.75 million in total annual economic activity. The airport also generates $285,760 in tax revenue.

Liberty SC: More information

The Liberty Area Chamber serves the communities that surround Liberty, SC.

Generally speaking, this area includes the City of Liberty as well as the outskirts as they approach the cities of Easley, Pickens, and Clemson.

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